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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Examples of Lists

Here are some examples of vertical lists discussed in the previous post. Notice the first letter of the first word is always capitalized for each item. Notice the balanced writing in every example. The numbered list’s items begin with a verb, and the bulleted list’s items are a list of features.

The following example uses a colon to introduce the numbered list because the introductory statement is a complete sentence. A numbered list is used because the steps need to be completed in the order given. Each item is punctuated with a period because each one is a complete sentence.

An Excel 2007 spreadsheet that has an embedded chart may be printed without the chart by following these steps:

1. Select the data range to be printed.
2. Click the Office button.
3. Point to Print.
4. Select Print.
5. Under the ‘Print what’ section of the Print dialog box, click the option button for Selection.
6. Click OK.

The example below does not use a colon because the intro ends with the verb to be. (A colon isn’t used if the intro ends with a preposition either.) The list itself does not have any punctuation marks at the end of the line because none of them are complete sentences.

Some of my favorite features in Excel are
• Subtotals
• IF function
• VLOOKUP function

Examples of Lists in a Sentence
Some of my favorite features in Excel are • subtotals, • IF function, and • VLOOKUP function.

A chart that’s embedded in a spreadsheet may be printed without the data by following these steps: (1) click the chart, (2) press CTRL + P, and (3) press ENTER.

Resume Examples
Use action verbs with quantifiable results for bulleted items in a resume. If it’s a past job, use past-tense verbs.

• Handle up to $20,000 in cash and credit card transactions daily
• Manage all accounting, payroll, and benefits for 125-employee business

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