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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts. They’re convenient because you don’t have to remove your hands from the keyboard to grab the mouse and click a button. Here are some of my favorite Microsoft keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + S = Save
Ctrl + W = Close the file (without exiting the program)
Ctrl + N = Start a new file (and bypass that extra screen!)
Ctrl + C = Copy
Ctrl + V = Paste
Ctrl + A = Select all
Ctrl + Z = Undo previous command
Ctrl + Y = Redo previous command
Ctrl + F = Find text

Start using one of them until it becomes a habit; then, move on to the next one. Usually, your fingers are already on the keyboard, so why not use the shortcuts? You can still use the mouse to perform the commands; thankfully, the mouse isn’t as hard to find as the remote!

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